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ML Fault Interpretation
Fault interpretation is one of the most difficult tasks within a general structural interpretation workflow.

Geoplat developed the technology which can help to significantly reduce time and resources spent on building a geological model. The use of machine learning based on deep neural networks allows to calculate fault probability distribution, extract surfaces, and eliminate interpretation uncertainties.
ML Horizon Interpretation
Horizon interpretation is the core process in understanding the structural features of a geological cross section and conduct reliable dynamic seismic analysis.

Geoplat offers a new approach to address automatic horizon tracing. You can trace a single horizon or the whole set, preserving complex fault structures and regional geological features.
ML Seismic Data Conditioning
Low quality seismic datasets often make it difficult to build a structural framework and predict pay zone properties.

Machine learning algorithms developed by Geoplat provide a powerful workflow for interactive and intelligent data conditioning of post stack seismic data. It enables getting instant results considerably saving time on defining functions and workflows.
ML Salt Bodies Delineation
Common interpretation methods are usually unable to determine the exact positioning of salt body’s boundaries including its top and base.

Our innovative machine learning approach helps to generate a unique volume attribute that predicts the distribution areas of salt layers.
ML Channels and Sand Bodies Detection
The problem of extracting subtle changes from the reflectivity data is often associated with various types of sedimentation responses. Sometimes there is insufficient detail to detect the entire object within the interval formed in the same geological period.

Geoplat AI can generate a complete probabilistic model to detect channels and other geological objects in the entire seismic volume.
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